Will Britney Spears return to the big screen? find out what it’s about here

Britney Spears She is undoubtedly one of the most talked about stars currently, but why? Well, recently the singer announced to the world her new biographical book titled ‘The Woman in Me‘, where several events and revelations have already been read that have created a bit of controversy, but now, the interpreter of ‘Womanizer‘ could be part of the plans of an intrepid film director.

That’s right, Tamra Davis, the director of ‘Crossroads‘ from 2002, has considered the possibility of directing a second installment for the film starring the controversial Britney Spears, even stating that Zoe Saldana and Taryn Manning would return to once again complete the main cast. The news continues to raise great expectations for the artist’s followers!

Davis had a recent interview with the entertainment outlet Entertainment Weekly, where he said the following: «Right now I am working with Van Toffler, who was the producer of ‘Crossroads’, and I think he has been in constant communication with Britney and her manager and I think they have been talking about that. “I think maybe Britney doesn’t really want to act, but I do know that Shonda had an idea, so it’s very likely that it can be done.”

Shonda Rhimes, is a famous director who was also in the development of ‘Crossroads’ and as Tamra revealed, there is a good chance that she is thinking about developing a second film for this plot starring Britney Spears. Whether or not the singer wants to reprise her role in the feature film is something that could not be known lightly, since the artist is going through several discouraging moments, such as her recent divorce with her ex-husband. she Sam Asghari.

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