Yailin La Más Viral is criticized online for “blatantly lying” to her fans

Yailin The Most Viral has become one of the most controversial figures in showbiz, and the artist has not only accused her current partner, the rapper, on several occasions Tekashi 6ix9ine due to domestic violence, but even her family has assured that the woman has been threatened with death by him, and now due to the artist’s recent statements, thousands of her followers have branded her as “lie blatantly” to get fame.

Previously, the Dominican had declared in an interview that she not only wanted to marry Tekashi, but that she also wanted to have two more children with him, just after having formed a scandal for abuse, of course this revelation caused the users of the social networks They began to criticize her and even claimed that all the fights were nothing more than simpleshows” to increase its popularity.

“Your mother reporting him because supposedly he almost threw you off a second floor, and now in such a short time you say these things, hilarious!”, “and I was worried that he might do something to her”, “she is a liar, what a way to gain fame”, “they are all simple performances to gain popularity”, “how sad to blatantly lie to your fan base with whom you were having a terrible time”, were some of the comments that were around the networks and different websites.

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