YG Entertainment confirmed that BLACKPINK members will not sign contracts for individual activities

The agency in charge of the Idols of BLACKPINK, YG Entertainmenthas detailed in a recent statement that the members should look for a company that will do their promotions for them when they want to start some work alone, since they have only renewed their contract with them for their group activities.

This comes shortly after Jennie announced that she launched her own agency for her solo activities, O.A.so it was something that fans saw coming, however, they did not imagine that it would be for all the members.

Although the renewal of the girls’ contract with the musical group BLACKPINK had been on hold since mid-year, it was finally decided that both the agency and the girls, Jenny, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosehad decided to continue for another few years, however this new news leaves fans worried who still do not understand what the future of the group will be, and if at some point it will all end.

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