Zendaya could compete for the 2025 Oscar with her new film

American singer and actress Zendaya has surprisingly positioned itself as a clear candidate to be nominated in the next awards Oscar 2025, within the “Best Actress” category. This, thanks to her most recent film where for the first time, she is the absolute protagonist.

‘Rivals’ is the movie starring Zendaya that could finally lead her to obtain her first nomination for the prestigious Oscar award, the most important in the seventh art.

The film has an inspiring history about an African-American tennis player who lifts her family out of poverty with talent and work. In her character, the girlfriend of Tom Holland He gives his body and soul to give us one of his best performances on the big screen and, at the same time, the sexiest character he has ever played.

The address of Luca Guadagnino personifies us a love triangle, provocative, full of sensuality, of intrigue, of complex characters, of drama, sweat and screams. In them, the actress looks sexy, evil, looks mysterious and is even intimidating in a way she has never achieved before.

Although it is difficult to believe it and even more so for a star of hollywood so well known, ‘Rivals’ is the first film where the actress disney is the protagonist absolute. The story is hers and her character is the main driving force of this production that is now available in theaters since April 26.

The praise of the criticism They are very clear and firmly believe that Zendaya could finally be a clear candidate for Oscar. For now, we will have to wait, since it is still too early to draw conclusions about the actresses who will opt for the coveted award.

But what should not remain in doubt is that Zendaya She is so far the first candidate.

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