5 dead and 22 injured leaves an accident on the Mexico-Tuxpan, near Huauchinango – El Sol de México

Huauchinango, Pue. Five people dead and 22 injuredof which 13 are reported serious, is the result of a collision between a trailer and at least five vehicleswhich occurred this Wednesday night on the Mexico-Tuxpan Highwayat the height of the municipality of Huauchinango, in the contemplated section from Nuevo Necaxa to Tejocotal.

Given the events, members of several emergency care groups went to the place located in the place known as “Los Baños”, at the height of Texcapa, in the territory of Huauchinango.

Although the nature of the events is not yet known precisely, It is attributed to cloudy weather and slippery asphalt, added to the lack of expertise in handling in the prevailing climatic conditions.

Victims who were injured They were transferred to some nearby hospitals. while the deceased remained in place, while the authorities carry out the lifting of the bodies with the corresponding procedures.

The accident caused traffic disruptions at kilometer 140 + 300, since the vehicular traffic was paralyzed in both directions, due to the work carried out by the rescue forces.

Given what happened, the state governor, Sergio Salomón Céspede Peregrina, expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and announced that he instructed the necessary actions to be taken to transfer the people who were injured to the closest medical units in the area.

“I have instructed that action be taken diligently so that the injured people are transferred as soon as possible to the nearest state hospitals. I express my sincere condolences to the families affected by this tragedy. We pray for your loved ones, may they rest in peace.”wrote the Puebla president.

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