9 people die in NL due to poisoning with heaters to mitigate the cold – El Sol de México

When the heaters they used in their homes to face the low temperaturesfive people died from poisoning in two different events in the municipality of San Nicolás de los Garza, in Nuevo León.

In this way, there are nine people who have died from poisoning in one week while trying to mitigate the cold.

In the first case in the Colonia Parques de Anáhuac, three adults died in their sleep, apparently intoxicated when the heater turned off during the early hours of this Monday, reported the state’s Civil Protection.

The bodies were found in their respective bedrooms, inside the home located on Parque de los Olivos Street, after relatives of the victims came looking for them when none responded to phone calls.

Although no identities were revealed, it was said that they are an adult couple, 66 years old, and their 30-year-old daughter.

Although family and neighbors immediately called the 911 emergency service, nothing could be done to save them.

Later it was reported death due to poisoning of two elderly women, on Simón Bolívar street, almost at its intersection with Nicolás Bravo, in the center of the municipality of San Nicolás.

They were identified as two sisters, ages 68 and 76, with the last name Garza Martínez.

In one week, nine people have died from poisoning when your heaters turn off.

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On Wednesday, a couple and their two children died in a house in the municipality of Juárez due to a carbon monoxide poisoning.

Civil Protection warned that the low temperatures They will continue during the winter, so it was insisted that precautions be taken in the handling of heaters, stoves and braceros.

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