Accident on the Salamanca – Morelia highway leaves five people dead – El Sol de México

Five people dead and three more injuredis the balance of a car crash on Salamanca-Morelia toll roadas it passes between the communities of Cerro Gordo and Valtierrilla.

After 10 p.m., the 911 emergency system of the municipality of Salamanca was notified, as well as Capufe personnel, where they stated that several people They were injured due to a collision between a truck and a compact car where people were trapped inside.

Emergency elements such as Civil Protection, Firefighters and the Red Cross moved to the place, adding another unit from Capufe who upon arriving at the place began to carry out emergency work to provide care to the injured, some motorists also stopped their march to help the victims. wounded.

A white Volkswagen brand car and one Nissan truck, were completely damaged. There were people trapped inside both, so special equipment was used to remove the twisted iron from the units.

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The paramedics reported that there were eight people between the two vehicles, of which five did not have vital signs and three more were taken to a hospital, reporting that they are in serious condition.

In one of the vehicles participating in the fatal event, a man lost his life after being pinned between the steering wheel and the seat, another person was ejected, two men and three women were among the deceased.

Elements of the National Guard road division who took charge of the accident. The place was delimited so road flow was affected while the authorities carried out their investigation work.

The authorities’ first hypotheses about how the fatal accident occurred indicate that one of the units invaded the lane, adding to the excess speed, which caused the unfortunate event.

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The presence of elements of the Criminal Investigation Agency, as well as Semefo personnel, was also seen at the scene; traffic was affected for a few hours.

Note originally published in The Sun of Salamanca

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