Agency offers Iztapalapa cablebus trip for up to 700 pesos – El Sol de México

What for many inhabitants of CDMX is everyday life, a travel agency he took advantage of it to turn it into a tourist attraction. Warrior Gastro-Tours, through Trip Advisor, promotes a trip on the Iztapalapa Cablebús for 716.31 pesos per person.

The tourist attraction is called “Fly over CDMX by cable car”, and its purpose is for foreigners to explore “a part of Mexico City that most tourists miss.”

Even though he Access to the Cablebús costs only seven pesos Through the Integrated Mobility Card, for more than 700 pesos the travel agency uses the “CDMX cable car” to explain the history and traditions of Iztapalapa, and tour the neighborhood from above.

What does the Cabeblús tour include for 700 pesos?

According to the travel agency, lThe “Fly over CDMX by cable car” experience includes the next:

  • An “incredible” tobacco and traditional dessert
  • Drink pulque “(Aztec drink)” to end the tour
  • Tour of the Museum of Cultures, Pasión por Iztapalapa, which is free of charge.
  • All this in a tour of four hours and 30 minutes, aimed at people from 13 to 80 years of age.

Although for most of the inhabitants it is day to day, some foreigners recognize the importance of the tour with comments such as that it gives “a authentic idea of ​​how the locals live”, which shows the “incredible” murals of CDMX, according to user Compass690808.

For his part, user Erick3457 defines it as “an amazing experience” because the tour guide explains the names of the neighborhoods of Iztapalapa and all the lines and stations of the CDMX Metro.

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