Alleged murderers of photojournalist Ismael Villagómez arrested in Cd. Juárez – El Sol de México

A source within the Northern Zone Prosecutor’s Office announced a few minutes ago that there are three detainees for the murder of photojournalist Ismael Villagómez who worked as a photographer for this publishing house.

“There are 3 people that we have detained and giving their statements, they mention that they tried to assault Villagómez, but the struggle occurred when they saw that there was a gun in the way and they shot him in the back of the head, which came out through the eye” , indicated the investigating agent who is in charge of the file.

At the time of the events, Villagómez was working as a driver for the InDrive digital platform, an activity he carried out apart from working for this publishing house.

Villagómez’s body was left aboard a Hiunday Elantra brand vehicle, a car in which the photographer carried out his work as a platform driver.

Prosecutor Carlos Manuel Salas indicated in a press conference that Villagomez’s cell phone was not located at the scene of the attack on the journalist.

“No shell casing from a firearm was found, nor was the murdered journalist’s cell phone found, and at the time of his murder he was doing legal work to provide a better income for his family,” the state official said.

The source within the FGE indicated that throughout the morning today they were analyzing video material that was collected in the surroundings of the place where the murder was committed.

“Exactly in the place where the murder took place we do not have cameras, however, there are images from the cameras near the place and they have already been requested from the corresponding authorities,” the prosecutor said at the press conference.

The firearm with which Villagómez was allegedly murdered is already in the possession of the ministerial authority, which will be analyzed by the forensic area to determine if it was used in the photojournalist’s crime.

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