AMLO affirms that megapharmacy in Huehuetoca will be ready tomorrow – El Sol de México

After some works of the government of the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador have started on the wrong foot due to delays or being unfinished, the federal president stated that everything is now ready to inaugurate tomorrow, Friday, the mega pharmacy in HuehuetocaState of Mexico, which will supply dand medicines to the entire country.

When asked this Thursday morning about the details of the inauguration of the federal medicine center, the president said: “Well, they already have all the medicines that are required in a health center, in a hospital.”

“If there is not medicines or a prescription is filled, but one of three medications is missing, that’s what this pharmacy is for. In order to have all the information on the drugs that are in the different warehouses or in hospitals or in warehouses of hospitals, health centers, clinics, it may be that a medicine is missing and it is in a state or close to where it is missing.

“From this central pharmacy we will have all the general control, if there is not in that state the medicine will arrive immediately. We have 24 to 48 hours for it to reach the health center or hospital,” said the president.

“So tomorrow we will have the pharmacy finished, and at the same time these warehouses in Huehuetoca will be used to store medicines, so that there is no shortage of medicines,” he explained.

The president took advantage of attacking his adversaries who he said “want this project to replace medications at the national level to fail.”

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“I know that our adversaries are waiting for the pharmacy to not be there, but it will be there tomorrow. I invite you after the conference,” remarked President López Obrador, while he stressed that tomorrow he will cut the inaugural ribbon.

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