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Even though the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador He said it’s his responsibility. protect candidates in this electoral processthis Thursday asked the governors of the states where there is more violence to help take care of them.

Given the figure of 26 candidates murdered So far in the current electoral process, the president said in his morning press conference that: “It is being discussed with the local authorities (to take care of the candidates), we would support, it is our obligation, to protect candidates and citizens in general. But, the best thing would be for all authorities to help in general, from the three levels of government,” he noted.

Likewise, he added that his government will intervene to give protection of candidates in the states where the Governors tell him “that they cannot or that they do not have elements or where the parties or the Electoral Institute request it,” he stressed.

“The aim is for the state governments to be in charge of the decision (to protect them), where it can be the municipal police, where it can be the state police. They (the governors) know. The important thing is that they do accept it. If possible. Life is the most precious thing, furthermore, the main thing of human rights is the right to life. So yes it is possible, we are helping and we are going to continue,” said the man from Tabasco.

Finally, President López Obrador stressed that “no one should be left without perfection.”

From December 2023 to date, a total of 50 politicians and candidates related to the June 2 electoral process have been murdered and of this number more than half, 26, were people who were competing for elected office.

The most recent murder was that of Gisela GaytanMorena candidate for mayor of Celaya, Guanajuato, who was murdered on a tour to promote the vote.

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After this event, the legal representative of this party before the INE, Sergio Gutiérrez requested extraordinary protection measures from 40 of its candidates in Guanajuato and accused that the state government of that entity has not responded to the request for protection of its standard bearers.

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