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The event was established in 2013 to commemorate the longest kiss in historyhow hard 58 hoursbetween a thai couple. However, it is quite bizarre that two people are standing still and sleeping for more than two days, putting their hands together. faces for the ones lips they touch in that case kiss.

The feat has been attempted to replicate in subsequent years, but I insist that this competition is far from honoring the fact that one day of the year has been set aside to promote affection and the expression of affection through kiss.

If an alien arrives and we have to explain to him: what is a kiss? Please don’t show him the YouTube videos with these kissing competitions. Better take the dictionary and quote: “To touch or press with a lip movementyes, a impulse of love or desire or in sign of friendship or reverence”.

In fact, that is not very clear. So, let’s ask the GTP Chat. The answer will be something like: “A kiss is a gesture of affection, privacy either greeting in which two people approach each other and They press their lips against each otheroften accompanied by close physical contact, such as hugs either petting. The act of kiss may vary in intensity and durationfrom kisses soft and delicate even more passionate and deep kisses”.

If this is still insufficient, it will be up to us to kiss the alien. Not necessarily with a kiss passionate in the mouth, perhaps with a kiss on the cheek or handwill suffice to exemplify.

Kiss on the mouth

Personally, I like to explain that the sex education starts from when they teach us to brush our teeth. This is because the healthy sexuality implies the care of our body.

Have you ever wondered who came up with those movies in which the lovers kiss passionately in their mouths, when they are just waking up. With a breath of “God knows what.”

Although the neurosciences They explain that, during a kissthe lip sensitivity makes our brain create a chemical cocktail very pleasant when kissing, I have long suspected that kisses on the mouth between lovers are an invention somewhat recent.

In reality, not all kisses on the mouth feel the same. If the erotic connection is weak, surely those kisses won’t cause those discharges of dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin to which the neuroscientists.

Nor do I think there are formulas to be a “good kisser.” These heterosexual images of a man passionately kissing a woman come courtesy of 18th century literary and artistic works that promoted the idea of ​​passionate love and the open expression of emotions.

Surely there are famous kisses in the paintings And in the classical art sculptures, but I stop to think about the first touching of lips filmed on celluloid, in 1896, in black and white. Directed by William Heise for Thomas Edison, the 18-second film “The Kiss” depicted what we would call a peck kiss between an adult man and woman.

Current cinema and television, and even the marketing of toothpaste and chewing gum for bad breath, fueled a contemporary idea of ​​kissing that should not apply to everyone.

What’s more, in ancient times, kisses on the mouth were not necessarily associated with romantic love as they are today. In some artistic representations of Egyptian religion, gods and pharaohs are seen kissing on the mouth as a gesture of veneration or divine transcendence. In ancient Rome, kissing on the mouth could be used to seal agreements or commitments.

A world without kisses

Without taking away the value of a good kiss, we would have to reflect if the kisses are oversized. Since children’s films, kisses on the mouth between animated characters have been shown, but sometimes unnecessarily and even without consent involved, such as the classics Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.

We don’t even talk about commercial films, especially romantic comedies, because they present stereotypes and clichés that do not happen in reality, but they feed misleading expectations in those who consume this type of content.

Maybe he Kiss Day It is also the opportunity to raise the resignification of kissesespecially those given in the mouth to express erotic desire. Maybe it’s best to just classify kisses into two categories: those that feel good and those that feel bad.

I have come to read aberrations like “kisses help prevent heart attacks.” High. Do not get wrong. Leading a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, regular exercise, stress control, avoiding smoking and reducing alcohol consumption are the factors that reduce cardiovascular diseases.

If in addition to taking care of yourself, you have a healthy erotic-emotional relationship (with the type of kiss that best suits the relationship), then surely it is that emotional intimacy allowing you to reduce your cortisolthat is, the stress hormoneand therefore, protect your heart from a heart attack.

If we add to that that the kisses he gives and receives are one of those kisses that make us feel good, then it means that he is releasing endorphins, a neurotransmitter that is essential for feeling relaxed.

I do not want to discourage those who have the fantasy (and perhaps the experience) of orgasmic kiss. I’m just saying that even those kisses have to comply with basic prerequisites: they only occur in the eroticism among adults, they imply consent and I respect between both people, and believe me that the oral health It can also be decisive to really enjoy it.

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