Armed group kidnaps 12 Limpie workers in Taxco, Guerrero – El Sol de México

Twelve workers from the municipality of Taxco from Alarcón were kidnapped by a criminal group in the vicinity of the municipal garbage dump, which caused the mobilization of security elements from the three levels of government.

According to unofficial versions, Among the missing is the municipal director of Camina, Cándido Rivera Martínez, in addition to some of his relatives, as well as the administrator of the garbage dump.

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Sources from the Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that the report was learned informally.that is why an operation was carried out in the area without finding anything.

Authorities of the municipality of Taxco have not issued any statement in this regard so far. and there are no formal complaints about the disappearance of said people.

Taxco, among the most violent municipalities

The municipality of Taxco has been one of the most violent in Guerrero. It is presumed that Cells of the Michoacana Family dispute the territory with the group known as Los Tlacos and another place that He calls himself The Flag.

A little over a month ago, three journalists and their relatives were kidnapped and released days later. without knowing in detail the manner of his kidnapping and subsequent release.

The last incident of violence was the murder of two teachers who were kidnapped by criminals and after murdering them, they left their bodies inside a car on Plateros Avenue.

In the history of this city, it is remembered the discovery of more than 60 bodies in the shaft of an abandoned mine in 2010.

Another act of violence was registered in that municipality of the Northern region of Guerrero, when On June 21, the deputy director of Panteones, Jorge Hernández Brito, was shot dead. and days later They left three grenades at City Hall, fact that mobilized troops from the Mexican Army.

The insecurity crisis in Taxco de Alarcón It has also left attacks on state and ministerial police in that region of the state.

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