Artists publish text in defense of Gerard Depardieu, actor accused of sexual violence – El Sol de México

Don’t erase Gérard Depardieu“, is the title of a spread published in the French newspaper Le Figaro signed by 50 artistswhich causes controversy in France because it is in defense of the actor, accused of rape and sexual assault by several women.

Personalities from the world of cinema such as the performers Benoit Poelvoorde, Carole Bouquet, Charlotte Ramplingsingers like Jacques Dutronc and Carla Bruni and screenwriters like Nadine Trintignantdenounced what they consider a media “lynching” against Depardieu.

“We cannot continue to remain silent,” say the signatories, who denounce “the torrent of hatred that is poured on him, without nuances, in the most complete amalgam and challenging a presumption of innocence from which he would have benefited, like everyone else, if he were not the giant of cinema that he is.

In the text they also appeal for justice to “do its job.”

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Several feminist associations have not been slow to respond. “The tribune of shame“, stated in

He collective Osez le féminisme! shared through his social networks that “those who hate are the ones who accuse the victims of being the authors, to better silence them”.

The lawyer specialized in women’s rights, Violaine De Filippis, declared to the BFM channel that “this position of the signatories is not surprising,” since The reaction to suspecting that a man you know is a rapist is usually “no, that’s not possible.”“.

The controversy It comes just a week after President Emmanuel Macron had defended the “great actor” on French public television, which also earned him criticism of feminism and of the political opposition.

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In the France 5 study, Macron He assured that he had no intention of withdrawing the Legion of Honor from him “because of a report,” in reference to the broadcast by a public television channel that broadcast unpublished videos of the actor in which misogynistic comments and how sexualizes a 10-year-old girl who rides a pony.

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