At least 10 thousand elements of the GN will be permanently in Guerrero: AMLO – El Sol de México

After the escalation of violence in the State of Guerrero, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador committed to strengthening security in the State of Guerrero with the presence of least 10 thousand elements of the National Guard (GN); however, he criticized that the criminal groups distribute groceries among residents to receive protection and develop “support bases.”

“It is important to emphasize that we are going to increase the number of security elements in Guerrero by more than 10 thousand members of the National Guard.”

When asked about the actions his Government will take to pacify the southern state that is suffering from the attacks of organized crime groups, the Mexican president said:

“It is the responsibility of the Mexican State to guarantee peace and tranquility,” therefore, he added that it will continue to reinforce all action aimed at guaranteeing peace in Guerrero and throughout the country.

Last January 7th in the palenque of Petatlán, a town on the Costa Grande of Guerrerothere was a armed attack from a criminal groupallegedly commanded by a subject nicknamed “El Gavilán” and what he left as a balance 13 people dead and 22 injured.

The president took the opportunity to refer to that massacre of Petatlan to mention that “there are still some communities where criminal gangs are protected, where criminal gangs have their bases of support and protection.”

He stressed that “this cannot be allowed, this is not right, because that is reversed,” while he called on the population not to be fooled by criminals, “because we have already left that time when they manipulated and trafficked in poverty.” to the people, who delivered groceries when they needed the votes, because now some bands also deliver groceries,” denounced the president.

He even said that during the Kings Day, The criminals were distributing toys.

“I was seeing that on Three Kings Day they are going to hand out toys, those are crumbs, they are gifts, they are not rights. All Mexicans have our rights and we must not be fooled. Now it turns out that these gangs are also already delivering groceries, beans with weevils and chickens and ducks and goats and sheep, pigs, pigs, pigs,” he exclaimed.

Given this, the president said that he stopped now to three peoplebut he reproached that the gCriminal groups have support from some residents in Guerrero.

“I’m already saying it, I’m not talking tentatively. Yesterday three alleged criminals were arrested, very close to where the confrontation took place in Petatlán and people came out to support them and take to the road. Not that. No. It’s not that way,” he reproached.

Housing will be built for soldiers to live with their families

Among the actions to provide security to the state of Guerrero, López Obrador said that the Acapulco port will have support like never before and that is a very important change in Warrior that are going to be installed 56 barracks with 10 thousand elements of the GN to secure Acapulco and part of Coyuca de Benítez.

He mentioned that he is going to build housing for the ones security elements can be with their families. “This is a very important change, we are talking about an investment of more than 5 billion pesos for this plan and we are going to begin the construction of all the barracks and these facilities this month,” he stressed.

He reiterated that he is committed to delivering the facilities before the end of his Government. “That is, before September. In my case, I finish my responsibility, my mandate at the end of September and before I leave all the facilities will be in place for the 10 thousand elements of the National Guard.”

Regarding the events that occurred in Petatlán, he stressed that investigations are being carried out, but stressed that everything indicates that it was due to a confrontation between rival criminal groups.

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“I just mentioned this clandestine palenque where unfortunately some people lost their lives. An investigation is being done, part of that is what I was referring to with the arrests. The elements have not yet been addressed, but it is part of the investigations that are being carried out, everything seems to be a confrontation between groups. But work is being done on the investigations and we are not going to advance hypotheses, much less on the resolutions that correspond to the authorities.

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