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“The Money Heist” will be back on the news list Netflix this week, with the premiere of its spinoff “Berlín”, which takes its name from one of the characters who conquered the public with his personality since his first appearance in the series in 2017.

After its launch, and due to the success it had, “The Money Heist” It didn’t take long for him to return to the screens. The public had the opportunity to enjoy the second, third, fourth and fifth parts, which concluded in December 2021 and completed the end of the second and final season so far. Its popularity was even such that in 2022 a Korean version was produced that can also be seen on Netflix.

What is the “Berlin” spinoff about?

Now, the new installment of the series comes as a prequel to the first two seasons, starring the Spanish actor Pedro Alonso, who through his character “Andrés de Fonollosa”alias “Berlin”, will command a robbery of “the largest auction house in Paris”, as he states in the first line of the trailer.

In the new episodes, “Berlin” is shown in his free facet, living his best years and away from the stage of confinement in the Mint Factory. In the plot of the new spin-off series, 44 million in jewels drive him to command a robbery in the city of Paris, a plan in which he is accompanied by a team made up of other characters.

Who makes up the cast?

In addition to the protagonist, “Berlin” brings together two other old acquaintances from “La Casa de Papel” in the cast, Itziar Ituño and Najwa Nimri who reappear in their police roles “Raquel Murillo” and “Alicia Sierra”.

On the other hand, other characters make their debut in the universe, including the electronic engineer “Keila” (Michelle Jenner); the companion from “Berlín”, “Damián” (Tristán Ulloa); “Cameron” (Begoña Vargas); “Roi” (Julio Peña Fernández) and “Bruce” (Joel Sánchez).

The distribution also includes the Mexican actress Samantha Siqueiros, who also makes his debut in the universe of “La casa de papel”, after having acted in “Mrs. Steel”.

Until now it is unknown if more characters from the original series will appear again in this installment, or if the ending will connect with some other story already known to the audience.

When it premieres?

Berlin” will be available in Netflix starting December 29, with eight episodes written, among other scriptwriters, by Alex Pinacreator of “The Money Heist”and some led by Albert Pintoalso director of the first episodes.

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