Boy who shot and killed a classmate at school in Finland was a “victim of bullying” – El Sol de México

He 12 year old boy that allegedly killed on Tuesday in a Finnish primary school killed a classmate and seriously injured two others He justified his act by “harassment” that he was suffering, police reported Wednesday.

“The suspect stated to police during his interrogation that he had been a victim of harassment, which was confirmed through a preliminary investigation,” police said in a statement, adding that the minor was new to the facility.

Armed with a revolver that belonged to a relative, The boy opened fire on Tuesday morning at his school in Vantaanorth of the Finnish capital, killing a child of the same age who was in his class and seriously injuring two girlsone of Finnish nationality and the other of dual Finnish-Kosovar nationality.

The suspect will not be jailed due to his young age, but it will be handed over to social services, the same source specified.

Finland observed a day of mourning on Wednesday, with public buildings and institutions flying their flags at half-mast in tribute to the victims.

Outside the school, several people braved the cold and snow to place flowers, candles and stuffed animals, according to an AFP journalist present.

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