Carlos Slim criticizes Oxfam study on wealth – El Sol de México

The studies on concentration of wealth They are stupid, he assured Carlos Slim when referring to the study carried out by Oxfam Mexico titled “The monopoly of inequality” and that he assures that the businessman is currently the richest man in the region.

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“What they talk about concentration (of wealth), those studies are stupid, whenever they want we will discuss them with them,” said Slim Helú in a press conference held at the facilities of Inbursa in Mexico City.

He is also president for life of Carso Group He considered that one of the errors of this and other studies related to the subject is that all the wealth of a country is not considered.

He explained that there are analyzes that link the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a nation with the capital of a company and that this is considered assets, but there are also those who link the GDP without considering the wealth produced by state companies.

According to the report of Oxfam Mexicowhich belongs to an international institution dedicated to researching social and economic issues, today, Slim Helú He is the richest man in the region, with a fortune greater than the others 13 ultra-rich Mexicans together.

“This is not only done by the richest person in Mexico or in the entire Latin America and the Caribbeanbut it makes it concentrate almost as much wealth as the poorest half of the Mexican population, around 63.8 million people,” according to the organization.

Likewise, he emphasized that only the joint fortune of Carlos Slim and Germán Larreaof Mexico Groupgrew nearly 70 percent during the last four years, to represent almost six out of every 100 pesos of private wealth in the country.

“What needs to be distributed is not wealth. If we talk about distributing wealth, as the government says, let them distribute the shares of Pemex, that is the wealth of the town. Whose is it Pemex? From the people,” he pointed out. Carlos Slim Helú.

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