Carlos Trejo reveals possible new film by Cañitas – El Sol de México

After the popularity of Straws during the 90s and the first decade of the next millennium, Carlos Trejo has released new images of what could be a new film about the haunted house located in Popotla, which attracted the attention of Mexicans at the time.

The Mexican Ghostbusters revealed on his Instagram account a short film with unpublished scenes about Cañitas, everything seems to indicate that it is a new film about the haunted house. “There will be surprises,” Trejo added in his post.

In said short film of almost three minutes, it is titled as “Cañitas, the untold story” You can see the participation of the comedian Radamés de Jesús, who plays a priest.

The Cañitas Case

It seems like it was yesterday that the Cañitas case became popular in Mexico, which, according to Carlos Trejo, was a true case of “Poltergeist.”

Trejo narrates in his book that his house where he lived with his family was haunted by evil ghosts, in fact he explains that these paranormal phenomena were the cause of various deaths.

The case began to gain popularity until 1995, the year in which the bestseller “La Casa de Cañitas” was published, as the story intrigued thousands of Mexicans. Its representation and dissemination did not end there, since a film was also made in 2007, Straws.

Regarding the new images that Trejo released on his social networks, he did not give more details about it, I do not know if it will come out and if it does, it is not known when it would come out, so we can only wait for the ghostbuster to share more information.

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