Cavum cloud: the phenomenon that appeared in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, what is it about? – The Sun of Mexico

The sky of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas surprised the population last Wednesday, as an extraordinary visual phenomenon in the clouds.

The shape immediately caught the attention of usocial media users which did not take long to publish Photographs that went viral.

In the comments, people tried to explain what appeared to be a hole in the middle of the skyfor some it was a kind of cloud created from the weather conditionsbut there were also those who related the event to a divine signal or with aliens.

However, the curious shape has a Scientific explanation that it was not that far from one of the theories generated by the witnesses from the city.

What is a cavum cloud?

What happened in darling Chiapas, it was a cavum cloud, it usually gives the appearance of having a hole in the center with light reflections inside and it is of two types: Altocumulus and Cirrocumulus.

According to International Cloud Atlasfrom the World Meteorological Organization, a cavum It is a well-defined hole, generally circular, sometimes linear, that occurs in a thin layer of cloud made up of droplets of crystallized ice.

The cavum clouds are also generated from altocumulus, the resulting ice crystals falling from the cloud layer to a lower level in the form of virga or precipitation trails.

Ice crystals form when water particles in the cloud reach temperatures of 0°C.

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Normally, the hole resulting in the cloud it gets bigger over time while the process of freezing.

They can be generated in cirrocumulusthat is, clouds formed almost exclusively by crystals of ice. These types of clouds are similar to fog. The crystals The resulting ice falls from the cloud layer to a lower level as virga either trails similar to those left by planes.

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