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The candidates who have a responsibility central in the actual local electoral process They already have the security necessary, guaranteed Martí Batres Guadarramahead of Government of Mexico City, who reported that held meetings with some of them.

He official gave a press conference, after launching the surveillance reinforcement operation in the mayor’s office Miguel Hidalgowhere he reported that during the meetings with the applicants He offered them guard and provided them with what they requested.

On another topic, he commented that presented a challenge against the measures imposed by the Electoral Institute of Mexico Citybecause, he answered, has no foundation and believed that the complaint filed by Santiago Taboadacoalition candidate Goes to Mexico Citythey should not have received it.

The starting signal for this device at the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office took place in the streets of the San Miguel Amatla neighborhood, and they will participate two thousand 500 elements, 318 vehicles, 87 motorcycles, two armored units and equal number of trained dogsassigned to federal and local corporations.

The head of the capital government announced that the reinforcement of security has, among others, objectives that its members serve the neighbors, carry out searches and if necessary arrest and refer to criminals.

Tacuba, Anahuac, Popotla, Tower White, Holy Thomas, Saint Juanico, The apple trees, Saint Diego Ocoyoacac, Argentina West, Huichapan, Tlaxpana, Grenade, Nextitla and Anzuresare the colonies in which there will be a strengthening surveillance.

The security force in the mayor’s office Miguel Hidalgo is currently 1,400 troops, 209 patrols and 47 motorcyclesbut operationalreported Pablo Vázquez Camacho, Secretary of Citizen Security, to those whoand 600 police officers will be added supported by 40 motorcycle patrols and 70 work teamsin addition to two Unimog-type armored vehicles.

Ulises Lara Lópezin charge of the office of the local Attorney General’s Office, said that its members will have the mission of identify, locate and dismantle to criminal groups in the areas of greatest incidence of the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office.

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Finally, he realized that so far in 2024 there were 57 arrested for high-impact crimes and that last year searches totaled 26 in the mayor’s office and 168 arrest warrants HE they completed.

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