CDMX registers poor air quality and high solar radiation today, February 9 – El Sol de México

The Mexico City Atmospheric Monitoring System reported that the air quality this Friday is poor and with high solar radiation.

The authorities reported this morning that, at 11:00 a.m., the air quality index reported that of the 12 monitoring stations in the capital, seven reported poor air quality.

Of the 38 days so far this year, Mexico City has only had 16 days that have been clean.

The main pollutant reported is PM10 suspended particles, which, according to the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, not only damage the environment, but can also cause respiratory diseases.

On social media, the Atmospheric Monitoring System called on sensitive groups, including older adults and pregnant women, to avoid outdoor physical activities.

In addition, he urged the population to reduce vigorous activities in open spaces.

In the case of the State of Mexico, in Coacalco and Cuautitlán Izcalli, the air quality is very bad.

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