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TOLUCA. Sellers of chicken of the Mexico state are extorted by members of the crime organized who Last Friday they kidnapped four workers from a local slaughterhouse in Toluca because the owners allegedly did not pay the floor right. Relatives of those kidnapped demonstrated yesterday in front of the Government Palace in Toluca, to demand that the authorities find the missing people.

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Karina Salinas, owner of the trail where the events occurred, indicated that they suffer from extortions for three years at the hands of the criminal group Michoacan FamilyHe also reported that until yesterday afternoon there was no indication of where the workers deprived of their liberty could be.

“They kidnapped my father and me; They have burned our warehouses and vehicles; we have been shot in businessand we received threats by telephone,” denounced the businesswoman Mexican who accused the reprisals and attacks suffered by merchants who do not pay.

He reported that he requested protection from the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM)but they were denied.

“They say they don’t have enough staff, and out of fear, many of my employees have already resigned,” he revealed. Karina Salinas.

The Mexican businesswoman reported that in this last case, like others that have occurred, they have formal complaints before the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office and stated that more than 20 chicken shops in the Toluca Valley suffer a similar situation with the extortions of that criminal group.

Karina Salinas specified that The members of organized crime charge two pesos for each kilo of chickenas a floor fee, that is, six pesos for each chicken, so the monthly sum, he said, reaches up to one million pesos.

“Many of the merchants have closed because they did not have the money to pay. That is why I call on the authorities to which we help“added the businesswoman.

The plagiarists

The victims of plagiarism were identified as Eliseo, Rigoberto, Isidoro and Jaime, who They were subdued by armed men last Friday around five in the morning in a warehouse at the chicken market where there were about 30 employees.

The winery, which is located in the National Parks colony, in Toluca, between the street Torres Chicas and Adolfo López Mateos Avenuedid not have surveillance at that time, said the owner.

According to a video released about the events, the criminals took four of the workers out of the warehouse and were forcibly put into a van, the owner of the warehouse explained.

Karina Salinas stated that days prior to the events, the winery was left without private security, which facilitated the intervention of criminals.

“My workers were there, as usual, processing the chicken at approximately 5:15 a.m., when these armed people, “They asked who was in charge and asked for the right to the apartment, but since they did not agree, they proceeded to take them away by force,” commented the businesswoman.

Elysium He had only a few days since he returned to work at that poultry, it was just a temporary job to get through December and have money, said his daughter Jenny. “My dad had returned fifteen days ago and this happened to him.”

The last friday, Eliseo, Rigoberto, Isidoro and Jaime took the early morning shift. “They worked at dawn with fear, because it had happened before,” revealed another of the relatives of the missing.

Some relatives of the workers indicated that The owners of the flea market already knew that members of the Familia Michoacana would come to collect.

“They (the owners) already They know where they are and how much they are asking, but they don’t want to pay. We have nothing to do with that, that they pay them and that they let our relatives go free,” said a young man who participated in the demonstration.

The relatives of Rigoberto, 42, revealed that he is deaf and mute, that his wife and children are also deaf, and that he got this job six months ago.

“We do not believe that they are not in contact with those people (the Michoacan Family), we are sure they have already talked but they don’t want to pay“, reproached Rigoberto’s relatives.

According to him National Public Security Systemcomplaints of extortion in the Mexico state They have doubled in the last six years, going from 1,629 extortions in 2018 to 3,725 in the first 11 months of this year.

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He last December 8, inhabitants of Texcaltitlán confronted alleged members of the Familia Michoacana who charged them floor fees. The balance was 14 people dead.

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