Christmas in space: how Apollo 8 changed dinners for astronauts – El Sol de México

How do you imagine the taste of the space food? Although now the astronauts They participate in a process of selecting their food so that it is pleasant, before the NASA crew They did not enjoy the food they took to the missions, until Christmas from 1968 everything changed thanks to the crew of the Apollo 8.

On his way to MoonFrank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders, ate little, with Borman being the one who ate the fewest calories (approximately 851 daily), which worried the team because in space up to 3 thousand calories are necessary.

The reason for his low food intake was because everything was “unappetizing,” according to Borman; This was because when the food was hydrated (an essential step to decompress it), it acquired the flavor of the wrapper instead of the flavor that space dishes should have.

The Christmas gift for the Apollo 8 crew

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