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The candidate of the Let’s Keep Making History Coalitionto the presidency of the Republic, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, During his visit to Colima, he announced among his campaign proposals, seven passenger train projects, including the Manzanillo-Colima-Guadalajara-Irapuato route.

On his visit to Tecomanwas received in the Colima Airport between cries of It is an honor to be with Claudia, today! by a group of supporters with banners of support, amid applause and cheers, as well as with the traditional Dance of the Iguana.

There the applicant morenista made the announcement of the projects and committed to supporting the port of Manzanillo.

“We are going to do seven passenger train projects and here we are going to do the Manzanillo-Colima-Guadalajara-Irapuato train. Let’s give support to Manzanillo because it is one of the four most important, if not the most important in all of Mexico. “It cannot be that it has that international port and that the city of Manzanillo has many needs.”

He also indicated that he will support Colima in terms of security through young people, since he said if they are not supported, they will continue to be attracted to crime.

Another way will be through zero impunity and the sanction for commission of crimes and a reform of the Judiciary.

“If there is a home, its homicide should be sanctioned, if there is a robbery, that robbery has been sanctioned, it is not a tough issue because authoritarianism does not suit anyone, it is fascism; We have already seen the war against drugs here and we do not want that, it is about justice and to do justice, social justice is required and a system of justice so it works”.

He pointed out that if we continue with judges who release criminals, who do not issue arrest warrants; ministers who do not guide judges and there are no sanctions for acts of corruptionsecurity will not be able to be comprehensively addressed.

He also announced the continuation of the social programsas well as the implementation of scholarships for primary school children and women.

“The first is that all women aged 60 to 64 have monthly support because the vast majority of women aged 60 have dedicated themselves mainly to the home (…) for the first time in history, we are going to recognize that Mexican women’s work and we are going to give them support before the universal pension. The second support, I think that we must support boys and girls.”

He recalled that during his government as in the Mexico City granted monthly scholarships to boys and girls from public schools and now their proposal is to extend it nationwide gradually if they reach the presidency of the Republic.

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