Deputies ratify Grisel Galeano as Prosecutor of the Federation – El Sol de México

Grisel Galeano García was ratified by the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies as head of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office (PFF)the third person in office so far in the six-year term.

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His appointment was announced on November 15 by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Prior to his appointment, Galeano Garcia served as Deputy Prosecutor for Amparos at the PFF.

Galeano García is the third person to hold the position so far in the current federal administration. From 2018 to 2021 the position was held by Carlos Romero Arandaand from 2021 to 2023 he was in charge Felix Medina Padilla.

The new head of the PFF She has a degree in Law from UNAMas well as having a master’s degree in Public Administration from the Anáhuac University.

His experience covers legal and administrative areas in both the private sector and the federal public sector, where he has stood out as an administrative judicial officer in various collegiate courts and district courts.

In it Council of the Federal Judicature She served, among other positions, as deputy director in the Judicial Inspectorate and in the General Directorate of Judicial Statistics.

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Likewise, she was general director of Legal Affairs and in charge of the Interdisciplinary Evaluation Committee of the Executive Commission for Attention to Victims, of the federal government, and general director of Amparos against Laws in the Federal Tax Deputy Attorney General’s Office for Amparos.

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