Dr. Simi arrives at the Louvre museum, Mexican artist exhibits stuffed animals – El Sol de México

He Dr. Simi He went from the stages of Mexican concerts to becoming international. As part of the exhibition Papayas in the Louvrethe Mexican artist Alejandro Glatt included some Dr. Simi stuffed animals on display of the Louvre Museumlocated in ParisFrance.

After becoming a Mexican pop culture icondue to the recent tradition of launching them as souvenirs At concerts so that singers can keep them as a souvenir of their visit to our country, Mexican artist Alejandro Glatt decided to include 27 stuffed animals of Dr. Simi in the exhibition. Papayas in the Louvre.

The work of the Mexican artist was in the International Contemporary Art Salon of the Louvre Museum. For this reason, Dr. Simi’s stuffed animals were released publicly. international along with other works of pop culture from countries such as South Korea, Turkey, France, China and Italy.

What is Papayas in the Louvre about?

According to the creator, Alejandro Glatt, Papayas in the Louvre connect pop culture icons as The Teletubbies, the papayas, the Simis. Are you wondering what their connection is? The artist considers that they are all part of Mexican culture.

The Mexican artist’s feat was recognized by the CEO of Farmacias Similares, Víctor González Herrera, who did not miss the opportunity to see the 27 stuffed animals of Dr. Simi at the Louvre Museum.

The 27 stuffed animals of Dr. Simi were also displayed along with other Mexican icons such as Frida Kahlo, sponge Bob and a Mexican version of the Mona Lisa (The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci)who wears traditional clothing from a native people of the country.

Who is Alejandro Glatt?

On their social networks, Alejandro Glatt defines himself as a Mexican artist who chose the fruit as part of his artistic works for Express feelings.

Alejandro Glatt chose papayas because he considers them to be a Mexican icon. Although he was the artist who brought Dr. Simi’s stuffed animals to the Louvre, this is not his only feat. Another of his creations, the work Papayas to the Moon was chosen to be sent to space, along with other international artists, to be exhibited in the first museum on the Moon: Lunaprise.

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