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Within the framework of the close dispute for Mexico City, the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness made a measurement of the dynamics of the 16 municipalities in terms of innovation, economy, infrastructure, legal certainty, environment and twenty other indicators .

The capital of the country, which the Morenoist Clara Brugada, the PAN member Santiago Taboada and the Emecist Salomón Chertorivsky seek to govern, contributes more than 15 percent of the national GDP and concentrates 7 percent of the population. That is the size of the contest that will take place in June.

In the so-called Radiography Chilanga 2024, Benito Juárez, which just left Taboada Cortina, is the only mayor’s office that shows a very high level of competitiveness in the general index; Likewise, the mayoralties of Miguel Hidalgo, where Mauricio Tabe will seek re-election, and Coyoacán, where Giovani Gutiérrez also intends to repeat, show a high level of competitiveness due to their performance in aspects of society, environment and infrastructure.

In the general result, the mayoralties with the lowest level of competitiveness were Tláhuac, by Berenice Hernández, and Milpa Alta, by Judith Vanegas, for having obtained the lowest figures in infrastructure, political system and governments.

In the evaluation of the Economy indices, Miguel Hidalgo was positioned as the best mayor’s office, since there are more than 770 economic sectors present, which makes it the mayor’s office with the greatest economic diversity.

In terms of infrastructure, referring to telecommunications and transportation, which are essential to boost economic growth, investment and job creation, the best evaluated mayors were Benito Juárez, followed by Coyoacán and Miguel Hidalgo. The three exhibited the best combination of results in availability of telecommunications and financial services, as well as low victim rates in transportation-related accidents.

Regarding the measurement of Law and legal certainty, where public security that is closely linked to the quality of life of citizens was evaluated, Cuajimalpa, which Adrián Rubalcava recently left, was the most outstanding; followed by Coyoacán and Benito Juárez, which obtain the best combination in incidence metrics of different crimes and the perception of security of their inhabitants. Tláhuac turned out to be the one with the highest perception of insecurity, since only three out of ten respondents feel safe.

In terms of society, where education, health and the environment were evaluated, the highest level of competitiveness was obtained by Benito Juárez, followed by Miguel Hidalgo and Azcapotzalco.

In issues of political system and governments, where the capacity of local governments to positively influence the competitiveness of their mayors is measured, Benito Juárez was ranked as the one with the best performance, along with Coyoacán and Miguel Hidalgo, which highlights the best balance between aspects such as the effect of citizen participation, electoral competition, attacks on journalists and other factors.

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