Environmentalist creates Hummingbird Sanctuary in Puebla: I was born to preserve this species – El Sol de México

Ángel Díaz is a man originally from Puebla who decided to create a place where hummingbirds They could be safe from poaching, since this species has caused him great admiration since he was very young.

“Since I was a child I have always loved them because we would go gather beans and peas and we would see them there, Its colors are impressive, it is something wonderful to see this type of birds and makes a lot of impression. And seeing the number of hummingbirds inspired me to cultivate and preserve the species,” he told the EFE agency.

The activist lived in the United States as a migrant and upon returning, decided to invest in the “Hummingbird Sanctuary”located in the community of San Francisco La Unión, Puebla, where currently It is home to 27 different species of this bird.

“By emigrating to another land, another country, having walked through the desert three times with my family, with my children, being there in other lands, with other customs, other traditions, you begin to value the people, your family. , and now that we return it is also a wonderful life to be able to be here in contact with birds and nature,” said Ángel Díaz.

Likewise, the creator of Hummingbird Picnic Foundationexplained that to open the sanctuary, installed 30 water fountains and planted flowers so that these birds can drink natural nectar during all seasons of the year.

Likewise, he clarified that this sanctuary does not offer the species of the “messenger of the gods” for sale that they are housed here and ruled out activities that could harm them, such as witchcraft or Santeria.

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The environmentalist originally from Puebla reported that the sanctuary seeks to have a tourist space very close, for which the construction of a hotel began so that people can have contact with nature.

With information from EFE

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