Every two days, a candidate is a victim of political violence: Integralia Consultores – El Sol de México

Every two daysa candidate to an elected position is threatened, attacked with a firearm or murderedaccording to the second political violence report from Integralia Consultores.

From September 2023 to April 1, 2024Integralia documented that 127 candidates or candidates were victims of political violence: 72 were threatened, 24 killed and 16 gun attackswhile the rest of assaults is distributed between kidnappings and other forms of violence.

The applicants to municipal positions concentrate 73.4 percent of attacksthe standard bearers federal positions on 14.5 percent and state 7.3 percent. The violence against applicants It is more frequent in territories where there are strong disputes between criminal groups.

An example of the above is that Warrior addition 73 victims of political violence, Michoacan 56, Morelos 36, Chiapas 3. 4, Jalisco 32. The state average is 12.4 victims.

The candidates they concentrate the 31.8 percent of attacksso if we also take into account officials either former officials public, politicians either former politicians and relatives of the candidates, it is evident that the Political violence has left 399 victimsan average of 1.8 per day.

In the period of analysis Are registered 161 murders, 100 threats and 85 attacks. The rest of the attacks are distributed between kidnappings, disappearances and other forms of violence.

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Integralia Consultores highlights in its report that the 2023-2024 electoral process is already the most violent in history modern Mexico, since in 2018 They registered 389 victims of political violencein 2021 there were 299 and in thecurrent electoral process there are already 399 victims.

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