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Residents of a building experienced minutes of panic when they were evicted by false police officers; Neighbors alerted the authorities and it was not possible.

Early Thursday morning, residents of 24 departments in the Buenavista neighborhood, Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, were evicted from their homes regardless of age or physical condition.

More than 60 hooded men dressed in black entered the building minutes after one in the morning; In security cameras inside the property you can see how they break the entrance plate to begin to climb to where the apartments were.

With clubs, machetes and axes the men began to open the apartments and evict the inhabitants of each space.

In the recordings, which were provided by a tenant, you can see how women, children, people in wheelchairs, that the hooded men help to get down and even a man with a cane.

The only thing they were told was that they had to vacate the property because it was going to be protected by the authorities and closure seals were going to be placed on it.

Each inhabitant of this building was accompanied by the hooded men, So when they went out into the street, the residents of the building began to press the panic buttons that the Government of Mexico City has placed, while others called 911.

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The insistence of all these people ensured that elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security SSC of Mexico City arrived at the scene to prevent the eviction of the supposed police officers.

Authorities of the SSC and the Attorney General’s Office will carry out the necessary investigations to clarify the facts and so that the neighbors live in peace.

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