Fight between gangs and polleros leaves two dead in Huixtla, Chiapas – El Sol de México

A confrontation between members of the Mara Salvatrucha 13 and alleged polleros resulted in the death of two peopleas well as two arrestedwhich are already in the custody of the ministerial authorities.

In the first minutes of this Thursday, it was reported about a confrontation on November 1 Avenue, between 5 de Febrero and 10 de Octubre streets, in the Buena Vista neighborhood of the municipality of Huixtla. The fight apparently arose over control of the passage of migrants in the zone.

Elements of the Department of Public Security and Citizen Protection state, together with the Ministerial Police, They came to the scene after hearing several firearm detonations. They discovered a deceased person inside a truck. During the operation, the arrest of two individuals involved in the homicideone of them wounded by a gunshot.

At the Huixtla General Hospital, doctors reported to Abimael Na fatal victim of the fight between gangs and alleged human traffickers. The person presented gunshot wounds in various parts of the body and was transferred to the Forensic Medical Service in Tapachula.

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Abimael Non board a motorcycle, apparently tried to murder the leader of the gang of alleged human traffickers. However, the attack was repelled, and four individuals caught up with him, taking his life. During the shooting, Abimael wounded another person who is receiving medical attention.

In addition, the ministerial and state preventive police arrested another individual involved in the fight.

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The ministerial authorities will continue the investigations into this case registered in Huixtla. The first body, still unidentified, was found inside an Expedition truck with Chiapas license plates, with multiple gunshot wounds. More than 30 AK47 and 9 mm caliber cartridges. The vehicle and motorcycle were at the disposal of the ministerial authorities.

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