Fran Hevia celebrates 10 years of standup with the premiere of “Apocalipsis” via streaming – El Sol de México

Fran Hevia will take advantage of the exposure that the small screen gave him as a participant in MasterChef Celebrity to continue promoting his work as a standup, with which he has already celebrated his tenth anniversary.

In the following months, Hevia will premiere on platforms the show he recorded at the Teatro Metropólitan titled “Apocalipsis.”

“We have been working on this special since 2020, for reasons that we all know (the pandemic) has been evolving little by little. At that time I was going through a strong issue of depression, which many of us experience, yes I suddenly felt like my world was ending, so that’s exactly what I talk about in the special,” he said in an interview with The Sun of Mexico.

He announced that, due to the success of his participation in dubbing projects and the film “Surviving my XV”, he was called to act in the film “Autos, mota y rocanrol”, by director José Manuel Cravioto, which tells the story of the festival of Avándaro and is soon to be released.

His ingenuity led him to be a writer for the program “La resolana” in 2019, but his charisma put him in the spotlight to be part of the most popular cooking reality show in the country.

Although he considers himself a fan of the program, Fran Hevia never imagined being part of the cast of “MasterChef” and, especially in the Celebrity format. She remained in the competition for four weeks and the standup artist was grateful for the opportunity and exposure that she gave him.

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“I watched the program before, I worked as a writer on ‘La resolana’, that was our daily bread and as an audience I also watched my episodes of “MasterChef”, but being on the other side, on the kitchen side, Yes, it is a strong pressure, from all sides, the kitchen in itself is a stressful place and, now with these colleagues and the camera on top, it is a strong experience, but at the same time very valuable and one that I treasure a lot.

“I saw it as an opportunity in my career to reach more people who have followed me for several years, to give them this romantic experience of seeing me on TV,” he said.

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