Francisco Ramírez Acuña accuses that he was detained by organized crime in Jalisco – El Sol de México

The candidate for senator of the Republic for the “Strength and Heart for Mexico” coalition, Francisco Ramirez Acuña reported that He was held by organized crime groups.

The former governor of Jalisco was also at a conference at the College of Public Accountants of Jalisco, where he stated that he has been detained for alleged members of organized crime.

“Mexicans do not have security and in Jalisco it is no different. Today that I walk throughout the state, I have to stop in different places where they stop me and ask me where I am going, they take a photograph of my INE, they talk to me. “The person I’m telling you about, obviously they are not public security people, they are bad and when someone in the media knows me ‘pass him, pass him’ and let’s go. It’s not possible, we don’t have security,” he explained.

The blue and white candidate did not specify where in Jalisco this event occurred, nor when it was. After the comment, the National President of the PAN, Marko Cortés, condemned this fact and asked that his safety be guaranteed.

“We denounce that the former governor and candidate for senator Francisco Ramírez Acuña has been detained by criminal groups. We demand that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Enrique Alfaro address the issue NOW. resolve the growing insecurity and assaults on the roads of Jalisco and all of Mexico.”

So far no authority in Jalisco has commented on Ramírez Acuña’s statement.

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It should be remembered that in June 2022, Cardinal José Francisco Robles, also He reported that he was held by criminal groups when it was between Totatiche and Villa Guerrero, as well as the floor charge in some of the parishes.

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