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At the request of its followers, Genitallica opened a new episode in its 25-year journey. The rock band originally from Monterrey set out to innovate their sound with the corrido tumbados, a genre that can be felt in the streets of their city and throughout the north of the country, which has also become popular in other parts of the world.

“It’s another fusion of Genitallica, now to please the fans. The lyrics are very much in our style, with that black humor, with that irony and sarcasm that cannot be missing, with a mix of laid-back sounds that are fashionable and that have a high degree of complexity to be executed,” explained vocalist Gerardo Antonio. Olivares Saro, “Gallo”, in an interview with The Sun of Mexico.

The experience of mixing both worlds was carried out mainly by Andrés Sánez, the drummer of the group that linked Genitallica to the new generations of royal musicians.

“Andrés was the one who took on the task of diving into the prone, he was working with some kids of 19, 20 years old here in Monterrey who handle that genre perfectly,” said the band’s vocalist.

“He met several composers, musicians, arrangers, he was recording, first the guitars and the docerolas, he also has a chicoteado tololoche there that is characteristic of this genre, which sounds very crazy,” said “Gallo.”

In “Death became fashionable,” Genitallica delves into the most satirical aspects of his character, to the point of considering the song as a way of “shooting shots for consciences.”

“It plays with all the things that are happening right now, what the children and young people of our country aspire to be, expressing it very Genitallica style in this new bellicose little song,” added the singer.

The beginning of a diverse era

The corrido tumbado is not the only genre in which Genitallica will venture, since “La muerte se put de moda” is part of the next album that will be complemented by more songs of diverse creation.

“Tell the race that not all the album is like that, that obviously there is a lot of rock, there is punk, ska, reggae, and songs with marimba, that is, there are new musical genres. We are going to be revealing this during 2024. We have four videos recorded, so be very attentive because we are going to be releasing singles every two months,” he mentioned.

It predicts an encouraging future

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With the 90s almost over, Genitallica was part of the last stage of the so-called Avanzada Regia, which had as its emblems Zurdok, Jumbo, Plastilina Mosh, El Gran Silencio, among other bands. After that, “Gallo” considers that there was a gap in the Monterrey scene, which is being overcome.

“There was a great time when they were making music with computers, but young people are taking up musical instruments again. Once again there are spaces to play. There are very interesting things. For example, The Warning goes with everything, they are girls from here who play great, from the cradle they were trained with rock and roll,” said the singer.

Genitallica’s next album will have 15 songs, all unreleased, which will be released in their entirety approximately in October.

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