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A few days ago the video of a security guard who is attacked by a young man in Lomas de Angelópolis I, Puebla; As a result, Internet users have shown solidarity with the worker who was only doing his job. Even the Mexican rapper Gera MX He spoke out about the attack and sent him a message of support.

In his Instagram stories, the rapper and composer asked 19-year-old Jonathan Nolasco, who was beaten by a student from Anáhuac High School, to get in touch to help him with whatever he needs, mentioning that he is a “carnalito who supports the RV”, because on the day of the attack he was wearing an RV jacket or Rich Vagosrecord label to which Gera belongs.

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“Raza is circulating this video where they attack a carnalito that supports VRIf anyone knows him or reads him, brother, send us a message to help you with recovery or nose surgery, whatever you need we are back up.”

He also took the opportunity to send him a hug and ask him to keep his head held high because “life puts everything in its place.”

“I hug you and never give up, life puts everything in its place, the junior nose that let you go believing itself untouchable, life goes around and it’s not always going to be a minor as it screams in the video. Always work with your head held high. It gives helplessness and anger to see those things, but let’s give it everything,” the rapper concluded.

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The attack occurred on November 27 in the afternoon, when the guard asked the aggressor for identification to allow him to enter the Lomas de Angelopolis I residential complex, since he could not access it. This caused the annoyance of the Anáhuac student, who responded aggressively.

The events were recorded on the security cameras of the booth where the guard was.

The worker filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Puebla (FGE) to open an investigation file, and is currently awaiting the results of his studies to determine his state of health.

With information from El Sol de Puebla

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