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The message “Have a good time, from within” represents a safe path. By promoting: “from your inner world, try to find your own personal internal resources for the positive attitude, satisfaction and tranquility that promotes well-being, instead of being in the hands of exclusively factors in your environment.”

In this sense, experts recommend strengthening from an early age a solid internal connection, which applies to all age groups: children, young people, adults, older adults.

Likewise, vulnerable groups have equal priority, those who, due to their situation, face emotional, health, economic adversity, etc. For example, people deprived of their freedom in prisons.

The starting point for strong internal connection, continuing with the experts, lies in developing the following key areas:

Self-awareness – self-knowledge, personal acceptance, Values ​​and Beliefs, Personal Development and Care…without forgetting the experience of being part, of belonging to a group that favors “together we are stronger”.

Regarding social connection, through positive and meaningful human relationships with other people, they require at least three steps:

1. Being accepted in a group, 2. Feeling comfortable… 3. Find another group if you don’t like it. We know that by overcoming these challenges, it is possible to build meaningful social connections that enrich our lives and promote solidarity, empathy, and resilience.

By the way, in three days, an opportunity, February 14, a date with multiple meanings that complement the theme when two or more profiles “Having a good time, from within” celebrate and strengthen the emotional interconnection through human relationships, in the friendship, love, family, community brotherhood.

In penitentiary centers, what is the starting point for internal and social connection? Nowadays, the route is transparent and well oriented, let’s reiterate some:

“The penitentiary system will be organized on the basis of respect for human rights, work, training for the same, education, health and sports as means to achieve the reintegration of the sentenced person into society and ensure that they do not return to society.” commit a crime, observing the benefits that the law provides for him. “Women will serve their sentences in places separate from those designated for men for this purpose.” (Article 18, second Constitutional paragraph).

The pronouncement. For the Government of Mexico there is a commitment: to have a national prison system where human rights are respected, a dignified service for inmates, reintegration is promoted, bad practices are avoided and justice is done (Mr. Rosa Icela Rodríguez Velásquez) .

So, “Having a good time, from within”… in the prison system has two connotations:

a) Individual: The person deprived of their liberty (processed or sentenced) and their Activity Plan… through work, training, education, health, sports, culture, recreation, etc. It must strengthen the search for its internal and social connection for community good and social peace, among others for social reintegration.

b) Collective: Coordinated participation and support, day by day, Correspondent Authorities (around ten federal or state secretaries in each entity), Control and Execution Judges, Defenders, Family Members, Personnel and Penitentiary Authorities, etc.

Happy February 14.

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