High caliber weapons and tactical equipment are seized in Baborigame, Chihuahua – El Sol de México

A barret 50 caliber, a vehicle with armor artisanal, eleven weapons long, tens of chargers and hundreds of cartridges yet to be accounted for, in addition to equipment tactical, was the result of a assurance in the community from Baborigame, Guadalupe y Calvo, Chihuahua, in the “Golden Triangle” which adjoins Sinaloa and Durango.

Personnel that make up the Base of Operations Interinstitutional made a assurance very close to the community from Baborigame, in the upper part of the Sierra Tarahumara by confiscating even a barret 50 caliber and a vehicle with armor artisanal which was allegedly used by members of the crime organized in the zone.

But they were also confiscated eleven weapons long being 4 known as “goat horn”, 4 more .223 caliber or well known as R15, an AR-556, one more multi and another 5.56 caliber or well known as M16, all were found with at least one charger supplied.

I also know assured equipment tactical between boots, vestspants and shirts, as well as a bag transparent, containing in its insidea green herb with the characteristics of dopeof which its weight is still pending.

The van with armor handmade is the Ford F-450 brand, white, with two doors, tinted windows with no visibility in the serial number since it is covered by the armor.

They were elements that make up the BOI made up of the Secretariat of National Defense, the Secretariat of State Public Security, the National Guard and the State Attorney General’s Office who carried out the assurance and they made it available to the Federal Public Ministry.

Last 01 February, Isidro Agustín MC, from 30 years of ageoriginally from Guadalupe and Calvo, was found dead on the road between Baborigame and San Juan Nepomuceno in the same municipality.

The BOI located a van guy pick up, Dodge brand, RAM line completely burned on said road, as well as a lifeless body. Likewise, a van Jeep, line Grand Cherokee Laredomodel 2000cherry colored, without license plates, the same one in which it is presumed that some participants in the events were traveling and who subsequently fled aboard other units.

The elements that attended the event were surprised since in the scene They also located a new white coffin, however, upon inspection it was empty since it still had protective rubber.

They also located two .223 caliber casings, so the investigation was carried out. assurance to integrate information into file research.

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