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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced this Friday that the Federal Center for Storage and Distribution of Health Supplies (Cefedis) and which will be inaugurated today, “possibly, it will be the largest in the world”, as it will have an area of ​​50 hectares

The president assured that the big pharmacy, It will have a communication and transportation system so that, if any medicine is missing in a community, the medicine will be available within 24 hours. “There will be all the medications that are used to treat all diseases.”

How will it operate?

  • President López Obrador said that the megapharmacy has an area of ​​almost 50 hectares of space. Nine covered hectares, the equivalent of six or seven covered bases. The pharmacy has 5,500 covered square meters.
  • It will store medicines in two industrial warehouses of 100 thousand square meters and will have a medicine freezing system to preserve medicines that require it.
  • The Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer Varela reported that the megapharmacy It will serve public institutions and said that the number of medicine codes will be 1,806, which include medicines, vaccines and healing materials.
  • He added that in the biannual consolidated purchase, 4,187 million pieces of medicines were purchased with an investment of 219 billion pesos, which represents a saving of 55.1 billion pesos for the Government.

Finally, he said that the state company, Birmex “It is the only logistics operator of medicines and healing materials for federal health care institutions.”

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About Birmex, Jens Pedro Lohmann Iturburu, director of this companysaid that he Indabin carried out an appraisal of the property where the megapharmacy will be installed, which showed a cost of 2,365 million pesos, however, he said that the purchase cost was 1,400 million pesos, which generated savings to the Mexican State of 956 million pesos.


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