Increase in the minimum wage will benefit 7.7 million workers: Coparmex – El Sol de México

The Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) stated that the 20 percent increase in the general minimum wageto the Zone Free from the Northern Border and the professional will benefit 7.7 million workers throughout the country.

According to the organization led by José Medina Mora Icazathe increase occurred with the combination of two factors: a Independent Recovery Amount (MIR) of 27.40 pesos and an increase based on inflation of 6 percent.

With this increase, the general minimum wage will go from 207.44 pesos to 248.93 pesos, the minimum wage in the Northern Border Free Zone will increase from 312.41 pesos to 374.89 pesos, and the professional minimum wage will also increase by 20 percent.

“The unanimously agreed increase in the Council of Representatives of the National Minimum Wage Commission (Consami) It is a sign that the employer sector is committed to our collaborators and to Mexico,” stated Coparmex.

The Coparmex pointed out that since 2016 it has promoted a “New Salary Culture”, with the objective that the minimum wage is sufficient to cover the line of family well-being. With this increase, the General Minimum Wage It will cover 86 percent of the family welfare line.

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“Despite the difficult circumstances and challenges we have had to overcome due to the ravages of the pandemic and increases in labor costs, our goal of recovering the purchasing power of the general minimum wage remains unchanged,” said the business sector.

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