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For him actor and producer Jerónimo Best, the way of doing comedy, as well as other genres, have been transformed in recent years. While in the past productions They did not focus on public participation, today they give it the importance it deserves, building more complex plots.

“For many years I believe that the audience was underestimated in the consumption of comedy or drama. Many times other things were prioritized and both entertainment and the depth that the videos could have were sacrificed. charactersthe message or the complexity due to the fear that the public would reject it or not understand it,” he explained in an interview with The Sun of Mexico.

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“I think Tham platforms They are realizing that no, that the public is on par with everything. That seems to me to have allowed for new risks in many genres,” added Best, who participates in this dynamic. “UFO Makers” serieswhich stars.

In “UFO makers”, plays “Dalí”, a man over 40 years old who is called by the community of Ogarrio del Cobre, after being threatened with being dispossessed of their territory due to a debt with the government. Given his fear, the town’s inhabitants ask him to return to the place where his father and his grandfather lived, to help them overcome the situation.

It is there where “Dali” It proposes to make the world believe that a UFO crashed in the town, and thus attract tourists who keep Ogarrio del Cobre in better conditions. “The series It speaks a lot about the ingenuity of the Mexican, the Latin American too, about how to get ahead using it. All the characters join their wits for the common good of rescuing their community,” said Best.

“I hope you find the humor that the series brings funny, because it is a fresh, absurd humor, from this new wave of Latin American humor that I have already seen in several series and that I am proud to be part of that.”

In his carrer, Jerome Best has explored the genre since theater, writing “La Hora Radio Roma 2”, also being the producer of “Peter Pan que se mal”. Likewise, he is part of the cast of “Backdoor Humor.”

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“The comedy It allows us to touch on very dark or painful topics, in this case paranormal and their realms, of our beliefs. In the case of Dalí, what is very joyful is the situation in which he puts himself because of his mistakes. This is how it works comedy, with mistakes. Throughout the story he makes the worst decisions, which leads him to even more comical situations,” said Best.

In the cast, the series brings together the talent of Susana Alexander (“Suspiro”), María Del Carmen Farías (“Pepita”), Juan Carlos Colombo (“Benito”), Otto Sirgo (“Alfonso”) and Karla Farfán (“Cassandra”). “UFO Makers” is in the Star+ catalogue.

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