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He British government said that JK Rowling should not be detained for her opinions on transsexualityafter the author of Harry Potter will challenge the new Scottish law on hate crimes with posts on social media in which he stated that several transsexual women are men.

Rowling, a prominent activist critical of gender policies, made these comments on Monday, the day the crime of “incitement to hatred” related to age, disability, religion, sexual orientation and identity transsexual.

Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf said the legislation seeks to “protect people from a rising tide of hate”. Likewise, he indicated that “unless your behavior is threatening or abusive and is intended to incite the hateyou have nothing to worry about regarding the new crimes that are created”.

Women are not protected as a group, but the edinburgh governmentled by the Scottish National Party, is studying other reforms to combat the misogyny.

Scotland has been at the forefront of extending rights to the transgender community, but a previous attempt to facilitate el gender change legal was blocked by London considering that it would violate current legislation on equality.

The new law of hate crimes It has also received criticism for its impact on the freedom of expression and because of the possibility that it may be used to silence some opinions, such as those of those who defend exclusive spaces for women.

Rowling tested the law by listing 10 trans women on social network convicted rapist, sexual abusers and high-profile activistsstating that they are men.

“The freedom of expression and belief comes to an end in Scotland if the exact description of biological sex is considered criminal,” he said. “I am currently out of the country, but if what I have written here is classified as a criminal offense under the new law, I hope be arrested when she returns to the cradle of Illustration Scottish.”

The scottish ministers They had previously stated that the new law would not criminalize insulting other people. However, Victims and Community Safety Minister Siobhan Brown told BBC Radio on Monday that it will be up to the police decide about it.

He British Prime Minister Rishi Sunaksaid United Kingdom has a proud tradition of freedom of expression and that the new law gives the police the wrong priorities. “We shouldn’t criminalize people who say common sense things about biological sex. That’s clearly not right,” he told reporters.

India Willoughby, the first transgender news anchor in United Kingdom and one of those that was included in the list by Rowlingquestioned why anyone should “publicly denigrate and mock” trans people.

“What a sad, pathetic sight. The best-known author in the world sitting up all night to write a mega-long troll post about me, because she is consumed by the hate at trans people. Completely unhinged,” Willoughby said.

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