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When the singer The Jordan 23 grew in the commune of Lo Prado, in Chilehe dreamed of helping his family financially, and to do so he knew that he had to find a profession that would allow him to generate large amounts of money.

Aware that one of the ways to achieve this was to join crime, he chose to choose another path and dedicate himself to music. “I wanted to help my family and push them up, and the other paths were not very good,” he commented in an interview.

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“Sometimes you need opportunity, that’s why some of us get confused and go down the wrong path, because we all seek success. We all want to help the family. It is difficult for anyone to break that chain, and fortunately I am one of them.”

The interpreter of “Perreo line”success that sings with the influencer Yeri Mua, Uzielito Mix and DJ Kiireand sum 84 million views on YouTubeassures that this has inspired him to stay close to his community, and constantly support them with altruistic acts.

Their most recent support came a few weeks ago when a series of fires in Valparaiso They stripped some people of their homes, so he took on the task of collecting money to build new houses for them.

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“It is one of the things that fulfills me the most as a person, it gives me great joy to see a happy child, it fills me with an emotion that I cannot find in anything,” he said. “I come from below, I know what it’s like to see the neighbor across the street who doesn’t have enough to eat, juggling to survive, I know the reality, I have lived that reality.”

Likewise, he had the opportunity to share some of his music with his people, offering a free concert in the communeswhere He even had the support of the local police. “They helped me close the streets, they all behaved well. “People were very grateful to me.”

Prepare your first album

In the coming months the singer will release a studio album, still untitled, composed of 23 songs of his authorshipincluding some collaborations with colleagues in the urban genre.

In this regard, the singer pointed out that “it has been a long time in the making, it is quite big,” he said, adding that he has been involved in the entire process to ensure that the result is exactly as he wants.

“I get involved in everything, to this day I edit my videos. I’ve always been well into it, I’m not like those artists who already recorded the video and leave, I demand from the director that I have to be choosing the shots. The same with music, he recorded a song and I put my hand on it until I have to get involved.

The Chilean confessed that he has received comments that the number of topics is large, but he stated that he remains firm in his decision to include them all, because that has been a cabalistic number throughout his career.

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It was because of one of his closest friends, who died at the age of 23, that he chose to take it as his banner, and even has it tattooed on his hand.

At the moment Jordan 23 promotes his latest single, titled “Don’t turn off the light”a collaboration with the singer Fuego, which is now available on music platforms.

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