Karol G visits children in a CDMX hospital – El Sol de México

Karol G It never stops winning the hearts of thousands of Mexicans, and proof of this was that more than 80 thousand people packed the Aztec stadium last Thursday to witness the first concert of La Bichota in CDMX.

But that’s not all, because the 32-year-old Colombian made one more stop before continuing with the promotion of her album. Tomorrow will be beautifulwhich has earned him multiple awards.

“The girls and boys of the IMSS Siglo XXI Medical Center received a very special visit,” said IMSS director Zoé Robledo from his social networks.

In the images that have already gone viral on social networks, you can see The Bichota reciting a song in front of several minors who remain lying in their beds.

This action was applauded by her fans and by those who did not follow the composer’s career, as some even assured that she has won their hearts by taking the time to bring joy to the little ones.

“That’s why your fans love you because you are very human, more than an artist, you are human, you have a big heart”, “I don’t know about her music but from today I’m starting to listen to it because of the big heart she has” are some of the comments that the singer received.

Likewise, it is seen in the videos that Carolina Giraldothe real name of the Colombian producer, gives a tour of the Medical Center facilities to take photos, hug and sign some autographs for the little ones.

This action was also shared on the social networks of With Cora Foundationan association founded by Karol G to provide support to women who are in vulnerable situations.

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Recently, Karol G won the Grammy for Best Urban Music Album for Tomorrow will be nice, so when she became a singer of international stature, she surprised people with her visit at the Siglo XXI hospital in Mexico City.

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