Layda Sansores dismisses 9 police officers in Campeche for leading protests – El Sol de México

The governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores San Román, announced the dismissal of 9 police officers who, she claims, are the ones leading the protests within the corporation.

In a message spread on her social networks, the governor indicated that proceedings will be initiated against them to remove them from office.

“I have decided to confront 9 scoundrels and corrupt people; We have started the process of dismissals and complaints, of their crimes, I did not come just to be governor, but to fight corruption as our president has done; we want the police to clean themselves up; once removed from office, they should never belong to the corporation; To everyone else, this is the time to generate a big change, to clean up the institution, there will be no retaliation and we are determined to clean up this institution,” he stated.

In a 9 minute and 15 second video, the head of the state executive asked the protesters to open their eyes wide, since of the 21 points of her petition, we approved all of her administration, except one of not using the equipment known as BodyCam.

“But we added 4 important benefits, since they forgot to include support for women,” he noted.

Likewise, he assured the protesters that it is “the same Layda who started his government by doubling the income of the most modest police officers from 6 thousand to 13 thousand pesos.”

He added that it is at stake to continue with the path of transformation of the state, and it is time to defend the principles and values.

“We are not the others, we are not the bad guys, we are the ones who defend women who face violence in their homes,” she stated.

Sansores San Román recalled that Mexico had its political watershed in 1988 and there was Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who after 30 years of struggles became our president by leading the Fourth Transformation.

He mentioned that Campeche experienced its own watershed in 1997 when a group of women and men “organized a peaceful civil resistance to defeat a government that, having been in power for more than 90 years, became a tyrant.”

He regretted that currently some people, using and abusing their freedoms, insult the president and his person, inventing or spreading false news.

“Not even the police have realized that at least 2 werewolves disguised as sheep manipulate people with money that comes from dark and unspeakable places to feed their uncontrollable lust for power, one represents the worst of the past, and the other the worst that Campeche that could happen to him in the future,” he emphasized.

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