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An experiment in a Massachusetts High School, USAis causing teachers and students to reformulate the way in which the mobile devices
in the classrooms.

Together at a table, talking to each other and like in the “old days” trying to get to know each other with a pleasant conversation and with a Light Phone (a limited-function phone), young people at Buxton boarding school socialize with each other without any device involved.

He device that they carry in their pockets called Light Phone, It is designed to make calls and send text messages, but you cannot install applications on them, except for some very basic music and maps, according to the study published in The Guardian.

They encourage creativity by leaving cell phones aside

Nowadays it is very common to see young people and children spending hours in the cell phonesand according to the WHOconstant use is comparable to an addiction, which is why researchers have taken on the task of promoting socialization without the need for mobile devices.

“If school is a place where you’re supposed to learn how to do things, then safe use of technology needs to become more part of the curriculum,” he said. Nina Marks, mother of one of the students who are part of the experiment and who was excited for her son to make friends without technology involved.

In this sense, and after dependence on cell phones, the Light Phone serves as an “antidote”; It is slow, small, fragile and the battery lasts very little.characteristics that are intentional and are intended to discourage its use.

“It’s about trying to find a balance that’s appropriate for everyone, whether it’s a Light Phone, a simplified iPhone or whatever. The goal is to hopefully remind people that we have the agency to decide how we use these things,” said Joe Hollier, one of the cell phone’s creators.

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Pleasant conversations and smiling students announcing the prom without needing to capture the moment are some of the results of giving up cell phone use and learning to get along with others.

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