López Obrador awards recognitions to Mexican soldiers and athletes – El Sol de México

President Andrés Manuel López presented this Monday, during the Commemorative Ceremony for the 113th Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, promotions and recognitions to Mexican soldiers and athletes for their good performance.

During the delivery, the promotion granted to General Gustavo Ricardo Vallejo, commander of the Felipe Ángeles group, who is in charge of the construction of three sections of the Mayan Train and the Tulum Airport, stood out.

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Despite the request of the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) to investigate the opaque spending in the construction of the Felipe Ángeles Airport, Vallejo, a military man who headed said work, received a promotion from López Obrador.

The president also decorated the soldier in charge of launching the Transisthmian Train, Admiral Raymundo Pedro Morales Ángeles, who is director of the Interoceanic Corridor.

Among the soldiers who received promotion are: General José Joaquín Jiménez Cueto, 7 military region; General Román Carmona Aranda, Southeast Air Region; Admiral Francisco Guillermo Escamilla Cáceres, private secretary of the high command; General Julio Álvarez Arellano, 6 military region; General Alfonso Rodríguez Sierra, Northeast Air Region;; General Andrés Bernardo Aguirre O Sunza, director of military industry; General Miguel Eduardo Velazquez, attaché at the Washington embassy; Admiral Gerardo Toledo, commander of the high command headquarters; General Enrique Covarrubias López, 12 military region; Admiral José Manuel Salinas Pérez, 16 naval region; General Enrique Martínez López, 35 military zone.

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In addition, AMLO decorated the military athletes who obtained first places in the Pan American Games of Santiago de Chile 2023, among which the artistic swimmer Nuria Diosdado, who won two gold medals, and Alejandra Zavala, Olympic shooter, among others.

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