Los Ángeles Azules celebrate 40 years of making us dance with vinyl “We are grateful” – El Sol de México

For almost half a century they have been dedicated to music. The Blue Angels They have been on the road for 45 years, but they are officially celebrating 40 with Se Gracia, which is published in a special edition on vinyl along with their previous release, Cumbia of the heartand includes the biography of the group, formed by the Mejía Avante brothers, at the initiative of their parents, Martha Avante Barrón and Porfirio Mejía García.

Last March, the people from Iztapalapa became the first mexican artist to surpass two billion views on Youtubefrom the video of the song Never is enough, with Natalia Lafourcade, But neither their extensive career, nor the multiple achievements they have achieved, make them lose their ground.

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“After 40-odd years of playing, there is no way you can get over it, maybe if we were 20 years old and barely realized that we were traveling and all that, but we are used to giving atmosphere to the event, it’s what we always do , I think that if it were to go up, it would cost us twice as much work. The most beautiful things in life are simple, it’s better, we are simple, we even look prettier,” says Jorge Mejía Avante, the composer of the group’s hits, while smiling with his brother Pepe, who plays the timpani. .

They resurface thanks to 17 years

Jorge, who plays accordion, organ and percussion, is the author, among many others, of 17 years old, the song that he believes hooked the new generations with his style, thanks to the version they recorded with Jay Cave in 2013. That year, Pepe adds, they also conquered a wide audience, “from all social classes, everyone loves us,” and marked the resurgence of the creators of Entrega de amor.

“It was the result of so many years of playing cumbia, in February 2013 we reached the Live latino and everyone asked us for the 17 year old, we didn’t know that 30 thousand children were going to ask for that song” Jorge remembers.

The group that has more than nine million subscribers on its channel Youtubeand exceeds 16 million monthly listeners on Spotify, has toured several countries in the last decade, they practically live on tour, “from Iztapalapa to the whole world, as they say and now, for El Sol de México we are playing and today we present this album,” says Jorge.

Always smiling, the brothers talk to this newspaper via Zoom from Anaheim, hours before their concert this Thursday, as part of their current tour of the United States, which will bring them to the National Auditorium on May 24 and 25 and which coincides with the premiere of Se Gracia, the anniversary album that includes his recent releases with AAlejandro Fernández, Panteón Rococó, Carlos Santana, Santa Fe Klan, Cazzu and María Becerra.

For this new production, they recorded four unreleased songs: I was born in a town in Latin America, with the Cuban Eliades Ochoa; Dime with the American DJ Deorro and the Dominican The Change; What nonsense, together with Horacio Palencia, and the one who gives it its title, together with the Chilean band Chico Trujillo.

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With humor, they both remember their beginnings, from when they played several songs at the wrong wedding, to when the businessmen who hired them at dances frequently told them that “it didn’t work out,” and they only paid for gas after their performance.

They are also grateful, like the rest of their brothers, for the public’s affection. “They keep asking us for the usual songs, How could I forget youThe ribbon in your hair, 20 roses, Friends nothing more, there are many hits that people want, because they make the hits at home, they are playing them so much, they dance to them, they stay with them,” says Pepe.

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