Mau and Ricky present their latest album, Hotel Caracas – El Sol de México

After spending many years in Miami, Mau and Ricky They decided to return to Venezuela to feel part of the place where they were born again. In his new album Hotel Caracasboth artists They sing of their roots, like two immigrants who have returned to reconnect with the love of their people.

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“In recent years we have been going through a identity crisis, because we left our country when we were very little, due to things in life. Little by little we realized how much we needed each other in our country and how much, although we felt very Venezuelan, sometimes we felt that by not spending so much time there, we were missing something,” Mau explained in a conference.

Hotel Caracas was thought, in agreement with both artistslike the best disk of their lives, so honoring Venezuela was the greatest motivation. “This album is that need of ours and that approach,” Mau added.

“We had the opportunity to return five months ago, we made all the videos in Venezuela. When you are 18 years old without going to your country you really realize how much you need to feel like you belong somewhere. It is the return to our roots, we are returning home to a hotel, there the name goes up a little,” Ricky explained.

You’re going to destroy me It is the first preview of the new albumproduced on his new independent label Why Club Records, in collaboration with Warner Music Latina. The first song of the 15 that the production will include, talks about a forbidden love, incorporating trumpets inspired by the Mexican music. For the other songs whose release will be soon, Mau and Ricky announced what will make them unmistakable.

“Are the songs The most personal things we have written so far, there are some that speak directly about our personal relationships with our wives, but also remembering things that have happened throughout our lives or moments that we have experienced that have brought us here,” said Mau.

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Besides the album productionRicardo Montaner’s children assured that they will also launch a documentary film. “There is a film coming from us, which beyond being a documentary of Mau and Ricky returning to Venezuela is about two immigrants who left as children and are rediscovering their identity,” explained Mau.

to make sound Hotel Caracas live, the multi-platinum duet mentioned that they will tour part of the world on a tour that will begin in July 2024 in Spain, continuing in the United States in August and September and ending towards central and southern America, where they promised to stop in Mexico.

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