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The Secretariat of Works of Mexico City ready the construction of a footbridge to connect lines 4 and 5 of the Metrobus at the height of the station Saint Lazaruson Avenida Eduardo Molina, in the Venustiano Carranza mayor’s office.

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The agency launched the tender for the construction of access ramps, elevators, as well as a train station line 5 inside the Modal Transfer Center (Cetram) San Lázarowhich was recently rehabilitated.

The San Lázaro station on Line 4 of the Metrobúswhich runs from Buenavista to San Lázaroand of the Line 5, which goes from Río de los Remedios to Preparatoria 1, They are on Eduardo Molina Avenuewhere there are four lanes: three that the units share with motorists, and one exclusive for the Line 4.

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The area has a high influx of people, since the station of the same name is located. Metro Collective Transportation Systemin front ofto Eastern Passenger Bus Terminal (TAPO)and the newly remodeled whereabouts of where buses leave to Texcoco and Puebla.

At the intersection, where the traffic light gives just 35 seconds to pass the four lanes come together 100 people per minute. And although merchants and frequent users assure that there have been no traffic accidentsagree that the bridge will work due to the high influx.

“Here there are no hits or accidentsexcept that Yes, a lot of people gather to pass by. I see the installation of the bridge well,” said María, who sells basket tacos outside the TAPO terminal.

“It would be a little difficult to get used to. The idea seems good to me, but people don’t use it afterwards, we always pass by the avenue,” said Óscar, a frequent user of the Line 4.

According to the job description of the tenderconstruction will begin on January 1, 2024 and will end on August 27 of that same year, with a budget of 14 million pesos.

In addition, it contemplates the construction of a station Line 5 within the whereabouts of Saint Lazaruswhich already operates normally after its rehabilitation.

The area not only has high influxbut invasion of lanes by public transportwell about Eduardo Molina With direction to Ignacio Zaragozataxis and buses that go to municipalities of the Mexico statethey make base and board the passage right on one side of the bus lane. Metrobus.

Also on the side that goes towards Peripheralwhere is the whereabouts and the TAPO, the road is paralyzed for seconds due to people boarding taxis or cars with suitcases. In addition, mobile food and candy stalls that are at street level further complicate traffic.

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According to information from the Government of Mexico City, Line 4 transports around 100 thousand people a day; the Line 5,270 and the Cetram San Lázaro serve approximately 240,000 people daily.

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